Creditor and business attorneys

Creditor Law Center‚Äč

Below are the main areas in which we practice.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Creditor Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is not always a bad event if you are properly represented in bankruptcy court.  The Bankruptcy Code protects certain types of creditors and we can help you receive the maximum amount possible.


We file Civil Warrants and Warrants to Recover in almost all Tennessee counties.   At your request, we can take non-legal steps to collect your obligation through the use of attorney-signed demand letters  for property or money owed.

Business Law

We practice all forms of business law including contract disputes and profit/non-profit corporation formation.

Real Estate Law

We handle property line and easement disputes, property sales and options, and general real estate law.

Civil Rights

We fight to protect your civil rights from government over-reaching